The Apogee Dental Network is a great opportunity for you and your dental practice, but don't take our word for it!  Listen and read what other members of the Network have to say about Apogee's transformational dental leadership and dental practice management programs!
"Thanks for all of your work putting the group together. This is one of the best experiences in Management training in my career".

Dr. Charles Tozzer

"I appreciate beyond measure what you have done with this group."

Dr. Gary Cameron

“John’s mastermind initiative is an incredible opportunity for practices. Dental practices have a tendency toward isolation – and, as a result, each office reinvents the wheel as it grows.
Through mastermind, you will find a group of like minded individuals to share ideas, pushing and encouraging all members to grow. It’s really a can’t miss opportunity.”

David J. Ahearn, DDS
President, Design/Ergonomics

Getting these ideas has been a fabulous experience. Everything from sedation to dental practice management, to team management…the wealth of ideas has been incredible.

Dr. Tom Peltzer

It’s been a wonderful journey. I can’t put a value on the connections I’ve made.

Dr. David Gage

We get…We give…together we make things better for ourselves, each other, ours teams and most importantly for our patients

Dr. Mitch Friedman

“It's really not about the money, but the philosophy ingrained in us. You have really given me the gift of a reality check. THANK YOU!!!

Dr. John Evanish
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