ap·o·gee   [ap-uh-jee]   the highest point; the climax; the peak; a Dental Network formed to help practices reach their highest potential.
The Mastermind

Dr. John Meis attended the “Elite Conference” in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Elite Conference, was a dental practice management conference for practices collecting $2 million per year or more. A group of conference attendees gathered at a local restaurant wishing to eat dinner together. Since a table of 20 was not readily available, the group sat on the patio around an open fire in the night desert air and began talking. As the group began to discuss their practices, one person would throw out a question or a problem they were struggling with, then the entire group would respond with their own experience and knowledge. The group experienced the Mastermind concept that Napoleon Hill spoke of in his great book, Think and Grow Rich.

The Network is Born

Dr. Meis invited some of the most successful, most compelling, and most giving doctors to form a Mastermind group. The group became known as the Elite Mastermind. Dr. Meis broke the “successful practice” code by studying these practices. He developed “The Productive Practice Mindset”™, the principles that these practices use to reach levels of productivity and profitability previously unheard of. When word of the progress these Elite practices were experiencing leaked out dentists from all over North America began begging to be involved. The Apogee Dental Network was born.
Today the Network consists of: Mastermind Groups, The Summit™, a Management Retreat for dentists and their leadership teams, and The Process™ a transformational experience for practices desiring rapid improvement using a five step process to implement the principles of “The Productive Practice Mindset™”.

Dr. John Meis
We get…We give…together we make things better for ourselves, each other, ours teams and most importantly for our patients.

Dr. Mitch Friedman

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